Careers / Full Time Employment

S5 Technology Group are always on the lookout for new and exciting talent. Whether you are a recent graduate that stood out in the classroom or an experienced IT professional, we would like to hear from you.

We have offices located in Cowra NSW and the idyllic coastal centre of Port Macquarie NSW. Our clientele consists of government, education, small and medium business clients throughout NSW.

If you believe you can add value to our team, please complete the below form, attach your resume and be sure to submit a cover letter so you stand out from the crowd.

    Work Experience

    S5 Technology Group likes to support Work Experience students where possible however as there is a limited number of work experience places that we can fill each year, we require you to undertake an application process somewhat similar to applying for a full-time role, but not so formal.

    If you would like to complete work experience with us, please fill in the below form and detail your experience working with Windows or Mac PC’s, mobile devices and networks. Also detail why you are interested in the IT industry and why you would like to undertake Work Experience with S5 Technology Group.