Introducing ConfigMgr – Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager

Traditional System Center Configuration ManagerSCCM” is now being referred to as Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager by our friends at MS, due its recent rebranding and amalgamation into the Microsoft Endpoint Manager platform along with its closest companion, Microsoft Intune. The idea behind this major move is pushing more organisations towards the modern hybrid co-management scenario, creating a more seamless transition from purely on-premise management to hybrid cloud architecture solutions.

“Is co-management the bridge or the destination?”

It’s an exciting move for an already feature rich platform. Better yet, licensing will be bundled in for free if you already own ConfigMgr (SCCM). Integrating both solutions will completely revolutionise the way you manage endpoints and creates an optimised solution for managing agile devices away from your protected LANs. Several new and improved features make the most of collected data and analytics becomes an important piece of the puzzle to ensuring you have the best possible visibility for controlling your endpoint environment.

Allow modern workplace to become the destination.

If you require assistance with ConfigMgr – Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager or SCCM, S5 Technology Group staff are available to assist.

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