Infrastructure Management

Enterprise Infrastructure Management


S5 Technology Group takes a unique approach to supporting enterprise infrastructure, focusing on network uptime, security, reliability and continuity, and not on a pre-determined number of included support hours or response times as is commonly the case.

This approach ensures that our customers are being rewarded due to our efficiency and quality of work. This is a significant contrast to the approach of other Service Providers where the Service Provider is rewarded for taking longer to achieve a resolution, encouraging inefficiency and poor quality in their work.

To achieve these efficiencies, S5 Technology Group take an extremely thorough and unprecedented approach to both the initial on boarding and the ongoing management of our clients.

Thanks to this approach our customers experience significantly less downtime and a superior end user experience.

Pricing Concept

Pricing for the available levels of SLA are based on device quantities in the case of contracted hardware, and user quantities in the case of cloud services. There is no limit to the supplied hours under a given SLA. If a service is deemed to be covered under the scope of the SLA, there is no cost to the customer irrespective of the time required to complete the task.

All remote management, job management and automation tools that are required to fulfill these services are included.

This pricing concept allows Business Owners, CIO’s and IT Managers to accurately budget for their organisation’s IT support.

Technical Standards

In order for S5 Technology Group to provide this extremely high level of service, the contracted network environment is required to meet or exceed certain technical standards.

The S5 Guarantee

S5 Technology Group is so confident of being able to deliver on the services offered in this agreement that we have put in place a financial penalty system towards ourselves in the form of a percentage refund to our customers should certain aspects of the SLA not be delivered upon.

Network Audit and Documentation

Before commencing your SLA a full audit of your enterprise infrastructure must be undertaken to identify possible issues within your environment and to ensure that ongoing support can be provided efficiently.

This audit process is completed over a collection and documentation period involving onsite and remote auditing, consultation with enterprise infrastructure vendors, and internal IT teams.

Optional Items

For additional budgeting help and support coverage S5 Technology Group offer the following optional items that may be added to a Complete Care Service Level Agreement.

24 Hour Support

This is an additional fixed amount calculated as a percentage of the contract to provide 24 hour remote support to Complete Care SLA clients. 24 hour support covers Level 1 Critical Issues only.

Overtime Insurance

This is an additional fixed amount that allows for normal items covered under your SLA to be performed after hours for no additional charge.

Major Works

This is an additional fixed amount calculated as a percentage of the contract to provide a fixed cost contract that covers all major works projects including Server Operating System upgrades, Server Hardware replacement, Network Infrastructure replacement or even whole network replacement/refresh. *Conditions Apply.

Level 4 Support For Internal IT Teams

The most capable and qualified support team

Our team are required to maintain current certifications across all technologies we support. Some of the certifications held include Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert, Cisco Certified Network Associate, Cisco Certified Network Professional Enterprise, Cisco Network Professional Security, Cisco Certified Specialist – Enterprise Core, Cisco Certified Specialist – Enterprise Wireless Implementation, Cisco Certified Specialist – Security Core, Cisco Certified Specialist – Security Identity Management Implementation, Check Point Certified Security Associate, Check Point Certified Security Expert, Check Point Certified Security Master, Check Point Certified Security Master Elite, Check Point Certified Cloud Specialist, Check Point Certified Endpoint Specialist, Check Point Certified Maestro Expert, Check Point Certified Troubleshooting Administrator, Check Point Certified Troubleshooting Expert, Microsoft 365 Certified Enterprise Administrator Expert, Microsoft 365 Certified Modern Desktop Administrator Associate, Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator Associate, Microsoft Certified Solution Associate – Windows Server, Microsoft Administrating SCCM & Cloud Service Integration, Nimble Installation and Operation Professional and VMWare Certified Professional.

An award winning Managed Service Provider

S5 Technology Group have been awarded numerous awards for our performance in designing, implementing and managing Enterprise Infrastructure environments. Read more here.

The latest remote monitoring technology

Our remote monitoring system provides detailed real-time and historical visibility into our customer’s Enterprise Infrastructure through SNMP, REST and SMI-S integrations, allowing us to detect performance anomalies, issues and pending failures before the customer is impacted. 

The latest and most advanced job management system available

Our job management system integrates directly with our remote monitoring platform. This means that when an actionable event is detected in your Enterprise Infrastructure, a job is created and responded to within your contracted response times.

Detailed Network Audit and Documentation

As part of the onboarding process, a comprehensive Network Audit is undertaken in order to document your entire environment, ensuring our engineers can support your Enterprise Infrastructure, and quickly resolve any issues that may affect the reliability or productivity of your organisation.

Detailed monthly reports demonstrating the performance of our engineer
A detailed service summary is provided every month including detailed descriptions of the work completed on your network and the time spent resolving your issues.
Detailed monthly reports on the performance and health of your network

A detailed monthly report demonstrating the performance, health, patch status, support lifecycle, manual preventative maintenance tasks that have been completed and upcoming considerations for your Enterprise Infrastructure is provided. 

S5 Technology Group is an award-winning Enterprise System Integrator, Managed Security and Managed Infrastructure Service Provider with offices in Brisbane QLD, Port Macquarie and Cowra NSW. We support Government, Education and Enterprise customers throughout Australia. Our focus technologies include Enterprise Security, Enterprise Network and Enterprise Data Centre.


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Check Point Certified Security Administrator - S5 Technology Group
Check Point Certified Security Expert - S5 Technology Group
Check Point Certified Security Master - S5 Technology Group
Check Point Certified Security Master Elite - S5 Technology Group
Check Point Certified Cloud Specialist - S5 Technology Group
Check Point Certified Endpoint Specialist - S5 Technology Group
Check Point Certified Maestro Expert - S5 Technology Group
Check Point Certified Troubleshooting Administrator - S5 Technology Group
Check Point Certified Troubleshooting Expert - S5 Technology Group
CCNP Enterprise
CCNP Security
Cisco CCIE Lifetime Emeritus
MCSA 2016
MCSA 2012
Microsoft 365 Enterprise Administrator Expert
Microsoft 365 Modern Desktop Administrator
Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate
VMWare Certified Professional - Data Center Virtualisation